Motion City Soundtrack : True Romance

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Motion City Soundtrack : True Romance


Ahead of the release of their fifth studio album, Motion City Soundtrack give us a bounding pop punk-ish anthem that mashes all the good work of Blink 182 into the very bad work of The Rembrandts – lest anyone be allowed to forget a) Friends and b) the late ’90s. It’s hard to imagine that an audience still exists for this insipid man-girl music, but it obviously does. Five albums are hard to dismiss. Maybe it’s the efficient rhyme structure what keeps them fresh: “I’m pathetic, overly apologetic/I’m a tightrope tragedy/You’re Chicken Little/I’m a monkey in the middle/There is something wrong with me.” Roughly one quarter of the above sentence rhymes. That is exceptional value for money, presuming that depth and coherence are worthless.