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Money For Rope


After releasing a series of 7” singles last year – a release tactic that harks back to manager Wally Kempton’s days in The Meanies – Money For Rope has spent the first part of 2012 largely concentrating on the recording process. “We had all the tracks finished off and ready early this year,” McKenzie says. “We’ve had a few shows, but we haven’t played that much because we’ve been trying to finish off this record – and settling on the artwork. I suppose we’ve been a combination of lazy and petty,” McKenzie laughs.

For the recording of the album, Money For Rope was fortunate enough to secure the services of local producer Steve Schram. “We had four days free when everyone could record, and we bumped into Steve up at the Northcote Social Club over Cup weekend last year,” McKenzie says. “I hadn’t seen him for a few years, and he was about to have these four days off to spend with his family, but he got persuaded to do Money For Rope recordings instead,” he laughs. “We set up live, and basically recorded live. But I really like the idea of taking our recording gear up to the country and setting up there, and coming back with a really spacey record – so maybe we’ll do that next time.”

Money for Rope also found time to make a video clip for the band’s new single Ten Times.  Filmed in Williamstown on the proverbial shoestring budget, the video features a large dishevelled man wreaking havoc on unsuspecting punters (including cameos from Wally Kempton and the mothers of a couple of members of the band). “The guy that’s in it is a local guy by the name of Coz, who we knew from shows,” McKenzie says. “He’s an absolute behemoth of a guy – he’s about 211cm, but he’s a gentle giant. We had this idea that he’d be this swamp monster coming out of the bay, and just getting a feed.” McKenzie isn’t under any illusions regarding the cinematic quality of the video. “The song’s pretty nonsensical, the film-clip is nonsensical,” he says. “I felt a bit sorry for Coz, because he was about to head overseas to see some big music festivals, and leaving that weekend. We got him well and truly sick, because he spent about six hours of the day wet. Every time we had to do another take, we’d throw a bucket of water on him. That was about the first weekend of cold footy weather in Melbourne. We had a great time – Coz, not so much of a great time!”

The aim of the video was to have a bit of fun, without becoming seduced by artistic pretension. “We thought it’d be better to have a shitty looking clip that is clearly being made without a budget, than a shitty looking clip that’s being made with a really big budget,” McKenzie says. And ideas are already being floated for the next video. “I think we’ll be hanging out at a really decrepit bowling alley,” McKenzie laughs.

Money For Rope has also teamed up recently to record a track that will feature on a split 10” with The Bowers. “I have a big man crush on Phil Gionfrido – he’s the man,” McKenzie says. “We did one of their songs, and they did one of ours – we just wanted it to be a really communal thing. Everyone came down to the studio, tracked each other’s songs, sang on each other’s songs. We’re pretty stoked to be in a gang thing with those guys, ‘cause we’ve loved their stuff for ages.” McKenzie also hopes to follow Phil Gionfrido’s famous culinary tastes on tour. “Those guys on tour, apparently they have a very strict approach – Phil reads out the menu in the morning. We’ve got a tour coming up in June, and we’re on a strict Bowers food policy. We’re going to have a set menu for every day!” he laughs.

After the launch of the Ten Times single and video – and resolution of the artwork issue – Money For Rope will head back out on the road. No strangers to the arduous east coast tour, the band will return to a few favourite, and not-so favourite regional centres, including Newcastle, seen of a very colourful visit last year where Money For Rope found itself staying at a hotel alongside a cluster of neo-Nazi types whose parting gift was to throw a rubbish bin through the window of the hotel. “We’re also going to be playing on the Gold Coast,” McKenzie says. “No idea where we’re playing while were there – probably Metricon Stadium, I expect,” McKenzie laughs.