Molly Meldrum Thanks Friends, Family And Fans For Well Wishes

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Molly Meldrum Thanks Friends, Family And Fans For Well Wishes


“Although I am not ready yet, I can’t wait to go home, to look after Ziggy, to see my friends, and to properly thank them, my family and the hundreds of people who sent their best wishes and love to me,” he said. “I have missed everybody, missed my work, missed having access to a phone and my laptop, but I know I can re-introduce these things gradually as I get better.

“I even received a card from Julia Gillard, so I wish her all the best. I hope she’s having a better time than I am!”

“Believe it or not, while I can’t say I like being hospital, I know I have been very well supported,” he said. “I have enjoyed meeting other patients and their families. We all have a fair bit of rehab ahead of us and we encourage each other in the exercise programs.”

The Aussie music icon also released a photo of him reunited with his beloved canine Ziggy – an image that brings hope that he’ll fully recover soon. Molly suffered injuries to his skull, a punctured lung, a broken collarbone and fractures to his rib cage following the accident, and remains in rehabilitation eight weeks later. He remains affected by post-traumatic amnesia, with symptoms such as disorientation and some memory loss.