MJ Halloran returns to the stage with a long-awaited show at The Old Bar this weekend

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MJ Halloran returns to the stage with a long-awaited show at The Old Bar this weekend

MJ Halloran

His new album ‘Woke up and Seen my Reflection’ will be premiered at the intimate venue we all know and love.

After vast touring and recording, MJ Halloran is coming to the Old Bar. With all the experience under his belt and the release of his new album Woke up and Seen my Reflection, the famous Fitzroy staple is expecting a monumental night.

This show wouldn’t be complete however without his enduring collaborators. Steve Boyle will sit behind the grand piano, with his keys in tangent with Halloran’s self-reflective, intimate vocals. Andrew McGee will be chiming Halloran’s vocals in unison on the guitar, there will be Tim O’Shannassy on drums.

MJ Halloran at the Old Bar

  • MJ Halloran returns for a show at the Old Bar 21 October 10
  • His new album Woke up and Seen my Reflection will be premiered

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Halloran doesn’t sing without purpose. Throughout his new album, he doesn’t just pick apart what happens around him, he also looks inward. He’s alien to the complexities of life and even a little confrontational. The resolute attitude of his voice and songwriting sits above anything else. He doesn’t stay at one level either. His voice travels, ascending and descending with ease.

One thing that can’t be denied as well is the amount of energy he brings to the stage. His new album does him justice, but you really can’t deny you’re getting the best bang for your buck when you watch him live. Listening to the album, you can tell. The album is recorded in a way that feels extremely raw.

There’s no overdubbing or layered tracks, it’s just authenticity in the studio ringing out. However, is it a studio? The band recorded in a kitchen with a grand piano, drums, guitars and a tape machine. The honesty and brute reality of their recording process rings out beautifully.


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MJ Halloran is set to play Old Bar on the 21 October at 8.30PM. $15 through Oztix or $20 on the door, grab them here while they last!

This article was made in partnership with MJ Halloran.