Miss V-Bomb

Miss V-Bomb


The search for Australia’s most perfect pinups has begun, and the vivacious Miss V-Bomb is taking the reins as one of Victoria’s most promising contenders. This voluptuous vixen lives and breathes all things vintage, and has the classic looks to match. Miss V-Bomb is a natural choice for Miss Perfect Pinup and Miss Classic Pinup. But with over $20,000 worth of prizes at stake, the competition is fierce.

What made you decide to compete in the Miss Pinup Australia competition?


Have you ever entered anything like this before?

This is my first pinup competition, but as a teen, I competed in beauty pageants such as Miss Hawaiian Tropix and Miss Teen Queen. In recent years, I was a contender in ‘The Face of Caulfield’ competition, which is associated with the Caulfield Cup and Spring Racing Carnival.

What do you think you’ll take away from this experience, if not a crown?

World peace, nuclear disarmament, no carbon tax and a hot-pink bike with

ribbons on the handlebars, and a basket at the front.

Who took your photos? Tell us about the shoot.

The shoot was retro-fabulous! I got to work with Helen McLean (helenmclean.com.au), which was a huge bonus. Helen allows you to bring your own ideas and creativity to the work

as well as giving you great direction. Sipping champagne, listening to Ella Fitzgerald while spending two hours in makeup, and being photographed … what’s not to love?

What does vintage glamour mean to you?

Vintage glamour is ‘timeless.’ There will always be fashion, but class and elegance come in the art of simplicity. It’s not the price of a garment that matters, it’s how one feels wearing it.

Being a vintage pinup excites me as much as when I first saw my mum apply rouge and red lipstick. I bask in the femininity of being a woman. I also like the fantasy factor of make believing I’m in a bygone era, where people weren’t so self consumed but personable.

What do you think has sparked your love of vintage things?

Most definitely my parents, both born in the twenties/thirties. Mum an avid film buff of the
50s era. Dad was heavily into musicians and the history of that time, so I had no choice really! While other kids my age were listening to Madonna, I was crooning to Bing Crosby, which is unusual for a child born in the late 70s.

What’s the best thing about being a contestant for Miss Pinup Australia?

The opportunity to come into my own. The moment I found out about the competition, I was immediately taken back to an afternoon on Brunswick Street where I was approached by a fashion journalist from The Age who wanted to do an article on my style, based on what i was wearing (a 50’s trench coat and hat). It felt like such a serendipitous moment, hence my reason for entering.

Who inspires you and why?

I’ve had classic old stars surrounding me in all my life. My house is like a museum. I feel weird when they are not present in some form. Watching classic films is another connection to that world, which makes me feel safe.

What do you think you have that the other contestants don’t?

For me this is not about playing dress ups, this is me! From the style, the makeup, the clothes, to the glamour, my house, my books, my film knowledge. I live and breathe it every day.