Michelangelo Russo vs Hugo Race

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Michelangelo Russo vs Hugo Race


Michelangelo asks Hugo:

How long have we been playing together?

We both moved to Melbourne about the same time, (well, I came back for a while and you moved here indefinitely) exactly 20 years ago. You had that studio in Fitzroy and we jammed some afternoons in the paint fumes and began elaborating songs that became the True Spirit album, Valley of Light.

What kind of music is it that we do?

It’s a mix of songwriting and electronics and it started in True Spirit but without Brett and Bryan on drums and bass we can venture into very abstract places and basically cook acid soup with the synths and loops, everything is in it, like minestrone on steroids. 

Is it a new thing?

Maybe it’s a strange hybrid that adds up to something futuristic that we couldn’t know about if we didn’t try it. Each duo gig seems to explore deeper into what’s possible and even better, the impossible

Will there be more of these gigs?

Melbourne and the east coast need more wild electric sounds like nothing heard before on your street very soon and we can do that, so why not?

Hugo asks Michelangelo:

What is your favourite instrument?

The one I don’t have.

How did you start playing music and why?
When I was 12 I bought my first harmonica and my first easel. Those two things have ever since been twinkled together in an inseparable kind of way. I think that’s when things got a bit confused in my head and now I can’t play music as a “real” musician does, but rather “paint” music with instruments. In the same way sound is very important in my paintings…my latest exhibition was called Silence.

Do you prefer music or painting?

Either, both, always…together! The more the better!

What is your favourite meal?
At the moment I love to cook and eat Involtini di Pesce Spada (Sword Fish Involtini) Sicilian recipe.

Who is your favourite Italian music act?
Sacri Cuori – naturalmente.