The best Melbourne clubs for breakfast sessions

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The best Melbourne clubs for breakfast sessions

Words by Sam Howard

No matter the day, no matter the time, at these haunts the party just keeps rollin'.

We are undeniably spoilt for choice when it comes to electronic music events in Melbourne. From day to night, with 20 people or 20,000, there are top-notch events for every electronic sub-genre under the sun. But what if you don’t want to go to a big festival or the club? How do you get your electronic hit? Check out three epic breakfast sessions where you can boogie to good tunes with your morning coffee.

Breakfast Club

What started as a small kick-on for about 30-odd people who didn’t want the weekend to end has quickly become one of Melbourne’s most renowned events. The Breakfast Club is set on a Monday — a day you’d least expect for a party — and brings together a collection of colourful folk who want nothing more than to party on.

According to Ethan “Jmcee” McLaren, they never thought “screwing the system” would get them anywhere, but the mantra of “the people make the party” has kept the Brekky Club running for more than five years.

Get there early if you plan to go on a public holiday, or you’ll be queuing for hours to experience it.

Disco Faith

“Praise his name with dancing,” say the holy words of Psalm 149:3. And praise his name is what Sunshine Trott and her Disco Faith Choir do on the occasional Saturday morning at the dance community’s place of devotion: Revolver Upstairs.

“It’s all about making the dance floor rejoice combining house, disco, techno and gospel,” says Trott. “Revolver has been my DJ home for 16 years and nothing beats the morning vibe there. Mixing the live element of the choir creates an electricity on the dance floor you can’t replicate anywhere else. It’s impossible not to have a big smile on your face.”

Music for Breakfast

It’s hard to find a better breakfast than one that comes with a side of electronic music. Especially when Melbourne is considered one of the breakfast and brunch capitals of the world. This is exactly the thought that Jade Foskett had when she started Music for Breakfast, an event held at The Herbert Cafe in Northcote.

The session is dedicated to offering artists a platform to play a compilation of favoured records or a hidden selection of vinyl they only play at home.

“It’s a place where music lovers can connect in a completely different environment,” says Foskett. “When playing night events, clubs and day parties, selectors can be restricted to certain genres of music.”

The lineup is pretty ridiculous, too. Past acts have included Pjenne, Millú, Adriana, Darcy Justice, Taridas, and 6am at the Garage to name a few.