Melbourne Made: Leroy & Eli

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Melbourne Made: Leroy & Eli


What is it about Melbourne you particularly love reppin’? We love Melbourne for its multicultural appeal. It offers you aspects of Italy, Paris, New York, all in the one city. Food, fashion, art and architecture, what is there not to love?


Tell us about Leroy & Eli. Leroy & Eli is a surrealist street wear brand based in Melbourne. We strive for a strong message of anti-trend culture, we highlight the importance of society’s deprivation of individualism, with quirky and facetious undertones. Leroy & Eli capture a distinctive vision for those who detest the ordinary.


When was Leroy & Eli born? Leroy & Eli was born about three years ago, initially stemming from Leroy’s sketches. We had a strong idea of what we wanted to communicate but not necessarily how. Neither of us have a trained fashion background so we worked with what we have – a sense of humour and strong opposition to anything typical.


Where do Leroy & Eli turn to for inspiration within our city? Melbourne is such a beautiful city, with lots of hidden gems. We are mostly inspired by people in the city – from the wealthy elderly ladies to the trendy kids who know what’s up.


Do you collaborate with other local Melbourne companies? We have collaborated with a local Melbourne artist AKAndii for our very first exhibition Think for Yourself PreSS18 and we are working with her again for our Beware of the Bourgeoisie SS18 out later this year. We have collaborated with Kingswood for a range of custom made t-shirts.