Melbourne Live Music Scene Grows 3.2%

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Melbourne Live Music Scene Grows 3.2%


According to the NMIT’s annual State Of Play report, there were 81,113 listed/advertised gigs by solo artists, duos, groups and DJs in 570 venues. Of this, 40,066 were listed performances by musicians (a rise of 4.1%) and 41,047 by DJs (a 2% rise). Over $210 million was spent in advertising and promoting these gigs. Over $27.7 million of this was in the street press and entertainment sections of mainstream papers — a rise of 4.2%. Of this sum, $7.3 million was spent on the street press, a 4.1% rise. According to the study, Beat proved the most popular of the music print media among those surveyed, getting a 38% thumbs up, and soundly beating Inpress (27%) and j mag (8%). They continue to regard triple j as their favourite station (41%) while RRR and PBS got 39% and 37% respectively. Rage remains the fave place for music videos (30%) but lost ground to web based services (24%) especially YouTube.