Lucy Dacus soundtracks the holidays with new EP ‘2019’

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Lucy Dacus soundtracks the holidays with new EP ‘2019’

Words by Lexi Herbert

New and classic hits with a skillful Dacus twist.

By now, we all know that Virginian indie-rock prodigy Lucy Dacus can write a good song. Instead of proving this once again, she sets herself a new task on her 2019 holiday-themed EP, aptly titled 2019, by delivering a mix of brand new tracks and covers.

Highlights from this EP – which feels like a highlight reel itself, at times – are ‘My Mother & I’, ‘Forever Half Mast’ and ‘Last Christmas’. Yes, WHAM’s ‘Last Christmas’. Dacus turns the previously slow and kitschy Christmas classic into an indie-rock banger that will have you headbanging into your Christmas pudding. How has she bridged the gap between George Michael and The Strokes?

‘My Mother & I’ is a bit of a tearjerker; Dacus explores the legacy of a mother’s own perception of body and self-esteem, and the ownership a woman must take over her own body image. Slow and tempered, this song displays Dacus’ maturity not only as a songwriter but also as a philosophical thinker.

Overall, this EP is a strong exhibition of Dacus’ skill as a songwriter, vocalist and master of musical interpretation. Though a departure from her usual vibe, this is a very strong addition to her discography. On a side note, now we have a certified tune for every major day of the year.