Liquid Architecture to take over Max Watt’s for an unforgettable night of sonic exploration

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Liquid Architecture to take over Max Watt’s for an unforgettable night of sonic exploration

Liquid Architecture
Words by Beat Staff

Melbourne's renowned art organisation, Liquid Architecture, is set to ignite Max Watt's on June 14 with a groundbreaking all-night event that promises to push the boundaries of sound and visual experimentation.

Embracing the ethos of radical interdisciplinary collaborations, Liquid Architecture provides a platform for artists who challenge conventional notions of music and delve into the unexplored realms of sonic artistry.

Liquid Architecture

  • Where: Max Watt’s
  • When: June 14
  • Tickets: $35

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The acclaimed Iranian sound artist, Sote, heads the event, who joins forces with audio-visual composer Tarik Barri to present an immersive Live AV work that will transport audiences into uncharted territories. Their collaborative performance blends mesmerising visuals with intricate soundscapes, offering a transformative experience that defies categorisation.

Sharing the stage is the undisputed king of experimental dembow, Kelman Duran, hailing from The Dominican Republic and making waves in New York. Duran’s unique blend of rhythms and unconventional beats will captivate listeners and push the boundaries of what is considered “normal” in the world of music.

Adding a touch of cultural significance to the lineup is West Papuan music producer Asep Nayak, who has been redefining the traditional Wisisi music of his home region. Nayak’s innovative approach infuses rapid, relentless, and euphoric ceremonial sounds, creating a powerful sonic experience that pays homage to his heritage while pushing forward into the future.

Melbourne-based composer Aarti Jadu will also take the stage, offering her distinctive blend of electronic and devotional music originating from India. Jadu’s compositions, often described as “alien folk,” delve into themes of displacement and explore the transformative potential of energy, creating a captivating and otherworldly sonic journey.

Liquid Architecture invites music enthusiasts, sonic adventurers, and art lovers alike to immerse themselves in an unforgettable night of beat-driven experimentations, hypnotic echoes, ethereal melodies, and searing visuals. This extraordinary event promises to challenge preconceived notions of music and transport attendees to the outer reaches of auditory and visual exploration.

It all goes down on June 14 at Max Watt’s