‘Law and Order PTV’: Nine standout Melbourne stage shows in May

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‘Law and Order PTV’: Nine standout Melbourne stage shows in May

Melbourne stage
Words by Ben Lamb

We’re eating good in Melbourne. There’s so much going on in the theatre, musical and comedy worlds, there hasn’t been a better time to be a fan of all things on-stage.



Everyone’s favourite storytale is hitting Melbourne’s Regent Theatre later this month in musical form, with legends Rogers and Hammerstein at the helm. It’s a star-studded cast, with Silvie Paladino and Todd McKenney both starring as The Fairy Godmother and Sebastian respectively. It hits stages from May 20. Grab your tickets here.

Driftwood: The Musical

No, it’s not about actual driftwood, rather the inspirational tale behind Karl and Slawa Duldig, who were two artists that were behind the creation of the Umbrella. The musical details their escape from the holocaust, and the creations they made. It’ll be happening at Alexander Theatre from May 13. Grab your tickets here.

Law and Order PTV


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The MICF might be over, but that doesn’t mean there’s a bunch of comedy happening across Melbourne’s many stages. One of the coolest shows comes in the form of a Law and Order parody, based around the world of Ticket inspectors. It’ll be on at The Toff from May 12, book it in here.



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It’s time to get a bit wacky with this show. It’s called a ‘humanist comedy’ so be prepared to laugh like you’ve never laughed before. It’s on at the La Mama theatre from May 27. If you’re not keen to head out at the moment, you can grab livestreamed tickets for this show here. Or check out other dates here.

Eltham Theatre’s One Act Plays

If you want to love plays but just can’t sit still for a couple of hours, Eltham Theatre’s got a show that’s perfect for you. One Act Plays, as the name suggests, are shorter productions that get straight to the crux. They are happening until May 7, you can book it in here.

Jersey Boys


The show that brought Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons back into style will be returning to our stages very soon. The uplifting story has found fans of all ages, and even if you’re not sure of the content, there’s a few songs you’re bound to know. It’ll be taking place at the beautiful National Theatre from May 13, book it in here.

Candlelight: Ed Sheeran Tribute


Ever wanted to hear Ed Sheeran music in classical form played in a space that used to be a jail? That’s just me? Well, you can finally do that thanks to Candlelight. In the next addition to their widely successful series, a string ensemble will play the bevy of hits from the star. It’ll be happening at the Old Melbourne Gaol from May 28, check out more info here.

Cruel Intentions: The 90’s Musical


You might better know Cruel Intentions as a hugely successful as a 1999 film starring icons like Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Michelle Gellar. But now like so many other movies out there, it’s now getting the musical treatment in Melbourne. There’ll be lots of 90’s vibes and singalongs, perfect for those who reckon they’ve been born in the wrong decade. It’ll be happening at the Atheneum Theatre from May 25, book it in here.

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child – One Part Production


It’s been a staple of our theatre scene for years now, a number of different versions hitting stages with different cast members. Perhaps one of the most memorable elements of the show is it being two parts, often seen hours after one another, leading many to possibly be turned away from it. But now the team are back with a new production, all the magic and moments you love cut down into one portion, and it’s just as long as any other stage show out there.

The new version continues at the Princess Theatre from May 4, grab your tickets here.