Kylie Minogue & Gypsy & The Cat

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Kylie Minogue & Gypsy & The Cat


It was obvious that the highly anticipated Aphrodite: Les Folies extravaganza was sure to attract a keen following, and with many fans decked out in everything from ‘Kylie lifeguard’ costumes to ancient Greek-style robes, it became apparent there would be some serious goddess-worshipping going on. First up, however, was the shimmering synth-pop of Gypsy & The Cat. Dressed in white suits, the band delivered lilting guitars, while singer Xavier Bacash displayed his ethereal vocal style on tracks such as the expansive of Time To Wander.

After a DJ mixed a dance medley, including Kylie’s Put Your Hands Up, a robotic voice declared, “Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for the countdown?” Immediately after, the blue curtains fell, to reveal an enormous Coliseum, complete with pillars and a staircase, as a hush descended over the crowd. The throbbing beats of Aphrodite emanated from the speakers, before the pop goddess herself emerged on an enormous golden shell, as if appearing from beneath the ocean like a Botticelli vision.

Resplendent in gold-winged earpieces, a draping white robe-dress, and golden knee-high boots, she smiled broadly, every inch a sparkling goddess, captivating fans.

Fittingly, the goddess-worship session had officially begun, especially with the love-mantra of The One. Suddenly, dancers appeared with bowls of water, simulating the bathing of her feet, before they formed a large ‘human heart,’ delighting the cheering crowd. “Thank you so much!” said Kylie, before joining her female dancers to ogle the male dancers before it was time for an exhilarating version of Wow.

Like a scene out of Arabian Nights, dancers materialised across the stage, Kylie re-emerging on top of a Pegasus-like creature. Dancers wheeled her around the heart-shaped stage in a golden chariot, as she sang the sweeping disco of I Believe In You, to roaring cheers.

Soon after it was time for the jubilant disco of Spinning Around, as female dancers in Cabaret-style black leotards sashayed around the stage. “Do you like what you see?” Kylie asked, before the track metamorphosed into Get Outta My Way. “I don’t want to bore you with how excited I am to be back home,” she said. “But I love you, love you!” she continued, elevating the reciprocal love-fest to dizzying heights, as the Hi-NRG disco anthem What Do I Have To Do? had punters gleefully dancing around.

Stunning in a white dress with silvery embellishments, Kylie re-emerged from centre-stage. Soon after, a slinky jazz, Chicago-style version of Slow emanated from the speakers. Dressed in black, holding large ostrich-feathered ‘fans,’ female dancers quickly surrounded Kylie on the circular stage. As the crowd cheered, the stage elevated, with the dancers appearing like a ‘human Ferris wheel’, revolving around Kylie, who remained on a pedestal. Suffice to say, it was incredible.

Dressed in a floor-length ball-gown with silvery, holographic material, Kylie delivered soaring vocals over the haunting synth refrains of Confide In Me. Churning guitars heralded the arrival of a metallic Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, as Spanish flamenco dancers revolved around the stage. Soon after, Kylie proceeded to fly on the wings of a ‘fallen angel’ male dancer before serenading him with the gospel choir-like harmonies of The Eurythmics’ There Must Be An Angel.

After a joyous African-themed Carnival, the “Woah, oh’s” of Better The Devil You Know rang out, before the track accelerated into an explosion of house beats. A Las Vegas-style revue ensued, with dancers in fluoro-green feathered head-dresses, and Kylie dressed in an orange feather boa, white leotard and cut-off denim shorts. After a request for a stunning a-Capella rendition of Hand On Your Heart, it was time for a rousing version of Put Your Hands Up, before Kylie left the stage.

Shortly, the prophetic beats of On A Night Like This appeared. As if blessing the crowd, Kylie re-emerged, walking down the catwalk, with her arms outstretched. For the finale, the crowd clapped along to the disco beats of All The Lovers. Strapped to trapezes, dancers hovered over Kylie, who became the centre of an extraordinary ‘human fountain,’ comprised of dancers balancing on the water feature. As an extended instrumental version of the track continued, she thanked the roaring crowd once more, and strutted away, having conquered hearts and minds in a manner only the home-coming queen could. Indeed, overall, Kylie took the audience on a magical journey from goddess tales to Las Vegas revues, leaving punters quite literally breathless, after hailing their Princess of Pop.

Loved: The sets/costumes.

Hated: What’s to hate!?

Drank: In the joy.