Julia Rorke and Elysia Hall are spitting the damn truth in ‘Not Another Fucked Bitch in India’

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Julia Rorke and Elysia Hall are spitting the damn truth in ‘Not Another Fucked Bitch in India’


Tell us about your show. Not Another Fucked Bitch in India is sketch comedy show about dumb white bitches with not so secret vegan eating disroders, cooked people on instragram, fake hippies, and everyone you want to uppercut in the health café. It’s a mockery of white people using spirituality as an identity ploy, who clop up our Instagram feeds with quotes about wellness, abundance and gratitude, when in reality these people are the most unstable, egotistical and spiritually handicapped of us all.

The idea for the show was born when… Not Another Fucked Bitch in India was inspired by our neighbours, our highschool peers, our exes, our colleaugues, our Instragam networks and all the privileged, white, hippy wannabes we met backpacking through India and Indonesia. For years, we’ve seethed, squiremed, cried, laughed and wretched over people posing as enlightened, bohemiam nomads who believe they’ve transcened their sorrows because they’ve travelled to a developing country to rip bongs. 

Who are your biggest influences? Julia and I both relish brutally honest, unapologetic and often unsettling comedy that aims to redefine, explore and break social norms. Creators like Lena Dunham, Chris lilly, Michaela Cole, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Bill Burr are some of our biggest influences. 

Can you describe the journey of creating a show? Getting drunk in Julia’s kitchen and stalking the Instagrams of idiots we went to school with. We live on the northern beaches in Sydney (AKA a douchebag mecca), so the show pretty much wrote itself. 

Describe your show in three words. Unrelenting, absurd, gnarly AF.