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How would people describe your sound? My sound is a little bit of everything. If I had to categorise it I would say its progressive pop, but with ethereal, dreamy R&B vibes. Creatively, I’m heavily influenced by a lot of classical music in addition to Fleetwood Mac, Enya, but also current hip hop and chillwave music. 

What’s your favourite live performance memory? My favourite live performance memory would have to be playing at The Forum earlier this year supporting Kehlani. It was a great tour and The Forum is such an awesome place to play, it’s so amazing to look out at such a fascinating venue while you’re performing. 

What’s your favourite fashion trend? I’m really happy that it’s an acceptable trend to wear sneakers with any outfit now. Heels are amazing on certain occasions, it’s nice to be glam, but I love sneakers so much, and I love the fact that you can wear the most ridiculous outfit ever with a pair of sneakers, and it will be classed as ‘casual’. 

How can music inspire fashion, and vice versa? Music can inspire fashion in many ways, specifically through musicians themselves.These days fashion is a huge part of being a musician anyway, building a brand is very important and expressing yourself through fashion is key with every artist or entertainer. The music is what an audience will hear, but the image is what they will see, so music and fashion work hand in hand with each other in that sense. 

How can fashion be used in a powerful or political way within performance? Fashion is an expression of who you are. What you wear is usually a good reflection of your opinions, likes, dislikes and energy, visually. You can show people who you are through what you wear. You can use an outfit as a canvas to express how you’re feeling to the world or to an audience. Just as you would paint. 

How have you developed an aesthetic for your music? I’ve developed an aesthetic for my music over the years quite naturally just by realising what matches my music visually. The music is soft, dreamy, floaty nostalgic, yet has sad themes at times. I like to represent this with recurring colours on all of my projects artworks, my clothing, etc. most of the colours are soft pastels, pink, blue, purple. These colours are what I feel when I make music, and I think they’re the best representation of my sound. This aesthetic carries throughout all visual aspects of JOY.