James Cameron is launching a deep sea exhibition in Australia

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James Cameron is launching a deep sea exhibition in Australia


It seems that after directing two water-centric films – The Abyss in 1989 and Titanic in 1997 – Cameron has bonded deeply with the big blue, fostering an ocean-based obsession for deep seabed exploration that will now become public, in a Sydney exhibition on display at the National Maritime Museum from Tuesday May 29. 

In 2012, James Cameron became the first person in 50 years to reach the deepest point in the ocean, the Mariana Trench, in a vessel built in Sydney. He took a 3D camera with him (of course) and released a film about his seven-hour deep sea experience, Deep Sea Challenge 3D. 

Almost twenty years after creating Leo, Kate and that goddamn floating door, Cameron’s love for cinematic deep-sea visuals will have a physical presence in this exhibition, with artefacts, specimens, underwater recordings, inventions, cinema-scale projections and more which prove that Cameron himself played a large role in maritime archaeologists’ current understandings of RMS Titanic and German Battleship Bismark shipwrecks. 

His Mariana Trench doco, as well as The Abyss and Titanic are all expected to be prominent highlights of the exhibition, as well as the submersible vessel that Cameron designed himself.