In Focus: Denon PerL Pro

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In Focus: Denon PerL Pro

Denon PerL Pro
Words by Andy Lloyd-Russell

Denon have lifted the lid on what a truly personalised listening experience can sound like.

What does the future sound like? It’s a big question that only seems to get bigger the more you think about it.

In the world of consumer audio, the last ten years have seen increased access to higher-resolution wireless connectivity, as well as many technological advancements occurring in regards to physical footprint and the kind of low-frequency heft that is now possible from increasingly smaller driver sizes.

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In the recording studio, it has been all about the employment of advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and modern technology’s ability to tailor speaker output to suit specific acoustic environments and rooms and the remarkable level of accuracy this technology has afforded at the listening position.

In the world of Audiology and Clinical Audio, recent history has been defined by rapid advancements in the procurement and accuracy of hearing tests and audiograms, made possible through the use of digital technology and AI-in turn improving the lives of millions of people and resulting in better hearing aids, cochlear implants, and assistive listening devices for anybody who needs them.

So, with all of this happening across the various audio disciplines, what does this mean for the future of Consumer Earphone and Head-Fi?

Well if the new PerL Pro Earphone by audio stalwarts Denon are anything to go by, the future is both looking and sounding incredible, employing these remarkable digital and acoustic concepts and taking the idea of the personalised listening experience into jaw-dropping new territory.

Without wanting to get bogged down in tech jargon or arbitrary waffling, these new earbuds provide an impeccably detailed and personalised listening experience by measuring the unique physical layout and frequency response of the listener’s ear and tailoring a signature sound profile based on this information.

Masimo AAT™ (Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology™) measures the outer, middle and inner ear, taking data from vitally important parts of the ear such as the malleus, incus, cochlea, vestibular nerve, auditory nerve and of course the eardrum, and measuring the finite fluctuations and responses to sound waves in these parts of the ear, almost like an auditory fingerprint.

The proprietary Masimo technology utilised in the PerL Pro’s (as well as the standard PerL model) measures faint otoacoustic emissions (OAEs), which are produced by the inner ear  (pretty crazy right!) in the presence of a range of tones. After the OAEs are analysed a personal hearing profile can be created within the Denon PerL Headphone app, using AI.

Whilst the technology may seem somewhat science fiction, the reality is an individual listener profile of unparalleled depth, detail, and clarity. Rest assured there are plenty of ‘How did they do this?’ moments during setup and at first listen. The Denon PerL Pro may feature the most powerful low-end extension of any in-ear headphone I’ve ever encountered and the clarity and diction in the upper mids and high frequencies bring a remarkable sense of detail and depth to proceedings.

Aside from the obvious allure the Masimo AAT technology brings to these earbuds, the advancements in Bluetooth streaming quality are equally as exciting. The PerL Pro earbuds dodge the previous shortcomings of Bluetooth, providing CD-quality streaming from integrated Qualcomm aptX lossless technology, not to mention spatial audio capability via Dirac Virtuo.

As for the design and overall performance of the PerL Pros, they are nothing short of exceptional. A listed frequency range of 20Hz – 40kHz provides a deep and rich detailed sound profile which shimmers with detail from the ultra-low distortion triple-layer titanium diaphragm 10mm dynamic driver housed within. Many users of earbuds appreciate the importance of voice call clarity. The PerL Pro’s eight built-in microphones (two bone conductors) paired with Qualcomm aptX super-wideband (32kHz) technology offer unparalleled definition and details for voice calls.

Up to 8 hours of battery is on tap from just the earbuds alone, with up to 24 hours available with the case. A five-minute quick charge boasts a 1-hour playback, with the charge time of the case only being 1 hour. An IPX4 water-resistant rating keeps those working out at ease and Bluetooth Multipoint is all too convenient when bouncing between two connected devices. The usual customisable touch controls are of course available alleviating the need to reach for a connected device.

Denon has introduced one of the most exciting earbuds to date with the PerL Pro, incorporating some revolutionary technology and unparalleled audio quality, redefining what is possible in the consumer earphone category and setting the bar for personalised listening experiences in the modern audio zeitgeist. The future starts now.

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This article was made in partnership with Denon.