Illy : Two Degrees

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Illy : Two Degrees


Illy certainly seems to have a firm grip on the steering wheel to a successful pop career. You may be reminded of the Katy Perrys and the Justin Beibers of the world with the likes of Oh My, or You Say When. Before you completely write off this comparison – have a think about it, if he can emulate even a fraction of their success, he’d have the music biz by the balls.

Illy keeps a little of his Aussie hip hop twang, but somehow the edges have been smoothed over, like someone took an emery board and buffed most of the ocker out. This leaves us with an internationally accessible collection of songs. Whether this is a positive or not will be revealed soon, however it is clear he’s made an album filled with catchy grooves that commercial radio will feast upon.

Illy started out in hip hop, but who’s to say he can’t deviate from that course? To reach a broader audience, he may need to stifle some of the awkward beauty that is Aussie hip hop, which he’s doing seamlessly on Two Degrees.

There’s plenty to dance about on this album, and there are a few interesting collaborations to boot. Throw in a little auto-tune and you have a whole stack of foot-tappy beats for your summer listening pleasure.

By Asha Collins