Hip hop, funk and politics with HMO’s ‘Eternity In An Hour’

Hip hop, funk and politics with HMO’s ‘Eternity In An Hour’

South Coast MC and producer, HMO, is back with his second EP, 'Eternity In An Hour', showcasing his trademark mix of hip hop and funk with a social and political message that's on point for today’s fractured world.

Eternity In An Hour is HMO’s second EP since the release of his debut Heightened Modus Operandi in 2019. It delves deeply into the many complex elements of human emotion that are a frequent focus in these turbulent times.

HMO explains: “From struggling with mental health to the ability to deal with the pressures of life, institutional racism, the pretense of a digital world consumed by social media, love and loss, this is a deeply personal EP that I hope every listener will take something from.”

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The EP opens with “Outer” feat. Calcite. The track is the first half of one concept track, bookended with closing song “Inner”, that details the journey of enduring love with a soul mate through a funking bass and soulful guitar riffs.

Latest single “Fake” feat. Gee Mary in contrast boasts an uplifting, sexily soulful beat and R&B-inspired melody overlaid with sharp-witted lyrics that question what has happened to society as we know it, and ask whether we’ve all become lost in this never-ending circle of lies that have become the norm.

“Hate Speech” packs a politically-charged punch, calling out racism and acting as a call-to-arms for society to take a stand against hatred. A perfectly timed track in light of the recent Black Lives Matter movement.

Taking a turn to look within, “Shadows” feat. Bombchelle is a self-reflective track delving into the torment of mental health and depression through funk-laden guitar riffs and soaring vocals that really pull at the heartstrings, creating a sure-fire ear worm.

“Lullaby” feat. T & I is a beautifully heart-felt track that pays homage to the life of a young boy taken way too soon and acts as a tribute to his indomitable spirit and legacy through it’s gentle melody and emotive lyrics.

Calcite is back to lend his vocals to close the album on “Inner” and wrap up an EP that’s an insightful reflection of society and the rollercoaster of emotions felt by everyone right now.

HMO is an MC, musician and producer whose music aims to deliver funking beats with a distinct social and political message. With an organic fusion of instrumentation and electronic elements, his music channels a range of genres from early funk and soul to reggae and blues.

He’s toured around the country, playing at iconic hip hop venues such as Hustle and Flow and Laundry Bar, and shared stages with the likes of Urthboy, Nooky, B-Wise, Onefour and Kobie Dee.

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