Here’s what happened when Fatboy Slim played a beach party in St Kilda

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Here’s what happened when Fatboy Slim played a beach party in St Kilda


There was a big Ferris wheel, which I climbed on and got to witness the magnificent birds-eye view of the festival and St Kilda beach. There were also a couple of those high-speed rides that twist in all directions, which I was sure would have made me incredibly dizzy if I had actually hopped on them.

After grabbing a couple of drinks and a German hot dog, I decided to stand in the relaxed moshpit along with the others and watch the DJs work their magic on the decks. Spacey Space, Jmcee & Scott, and Tom Grant enthusiastically projected their upbeat tunes to the audience, increasing the momentum for Gorgon City to dazzle the crowd up with their eclectic mix of sounds; their deep house beats were entrancing and really complemented the beach party scene in St Kilda. Motez also drew attention with his infectious house tunes, layering them with a soulful vibe that made listeners feel as though they were soaring with his mesmerising rhythms.

The anticipation for Fatboy Slim was rising as more people were squeezing into the moshpit so that they could get the best view of him. He eventually made his entrance onto the stage, clad in a floral Hawaiian shirt and smiling ear-to-ear as he launched straight into his set. People danced wildly, waving their hands up in the air and repeatedly chanting Throw Your Hands Up. Slim was every bit as excited as his fans, interacting with them while dancing and swaying to the beat. There was also a colourful flashing light display, which hyped up the crowd and made the entire scene look like a disco rave party.

Slim’s delivery of Eat Sleep Rave Repeat drove everybody into a frenzy, as they raved their hearts out along with Slim himself. Meanwhile, there were also people that were trying to outdo each other’s moves, and others were being piggybacked in an attempt to get a better view and also to get Slim’s attention. Praise You was a classic, a smooth flowing song that contrasted with the other more electronic-inspired music that he was continuously blasting to his audience.

It was particularly interesting to watch the array of images and videos on the big screen behind Slim, as the visuals displayed white flowers blooming, and then switched to rolling numbers, and at one point even showed trumpets and fireworks. Star 69 was also a real banger, as Slim cranked it up to the max and kept the crowd energised. If that wasn’t enough, Slim’s performance of Right Here Right Now absolutely threw everybody into a dance rage, creating an entertaining atmosphere where everybody was letting loose and having fun. Slim himself was partying it up with everybody else, which made him all the more enjoyable to witness live.

Highlight: Right Here, Right Now

Lowlight: Nothing

Crowd Favourite:Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat.