Hayku Kyah calls into question the ethics of powerhouse institutions in new track ‘Gunfyre’

Hayku Kyah calls into question the ethics of powerhouse institutions in new track ‘Gunfyre’


Hayku Kyah’s powerful poetry is spellbinding.

Previously performing under the name ‘Consciously Kyah’, Toronto born Melbourne musician Hayku Kyah (the moniker of Kyah Parrott) is turning heads and switching mindsets through heavy phrasing and entrancing sound in her new track ‘Gunfyre.’

Following the release of the immersive single ‘Blue Bird’ earlier this year, ‘Gunfyre’ is the unwaveringly honest output of an artist forever evolving and reshaping. Blending hip hop and RnB influences, the overall aesthetics as an artist is what truly makes Kyah stand out with each new release. Kyah’s understanding of rhythms means she is often exploring triplet notation and offbeat rhythmic feels. Truly displaying her musicianship and connection to the pulsation of the beats behind her raps, her flow truly is executed with flair, yet delivered in new and exciting ways with each of her offerings.

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Produced by Kyah alongside IJALE, the new single ‘Gunfyre’ is dark, heavy on the bass, and full of rage, encapsulating Kyah’s etherealism and with vivid imagery through unique vocal delivery, we can take on the challenging lens of dissecting the phantasm of life itself.

Lyrically, ‘Gunfyre’ is spellbinding and gritty, it sneaks into consciousness and asks you the important questions. The lyrics “Venom, nothing but rage” echoes alongside a cool wave of beats and symphonic soundscapes. There is space in the music yet nowhere to hide from Kyah’s ever-expanding thought process.

She raps, “Death to the mayors who keep laced pockets while the roads are concaved with potholes, Death to all those who uphold the cogs in the system, Ignore the glitches, Yet honour the stitches of colonial bridges”, tossing a lit match on the gasoline of reoccurring politics and social issues. Kyah’s honest approach to music can be heard in every fiery verse and heavy beat.

A strong representation of Kyah as an artist, mixing poetry and music, her raw words champion marginalised communities and call for a significant change in behaviour from our governing forces.


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At six minutes and 24 seconds, ‘Gunfyre’ is by no means a quick listen, but it is worth sitting with – let the track sink in with you, and you may be surprised by how much you get from the experience. There is much to think about as Kyah provides commentary of the institutions around us, from corporate, to government and to religious corruption.

‘Gunfyre’ overall is an exciting development for Hayku Kyah, with a portfolio of provocative imagery arriving alongside the release. Curating and commissioning works by varying artists/creatives across different mediums, each work was inspired by ‘Gunfyre’ and speaks to the overarching themes present in the song. From cakes by Mali Bakes with lyrics from Gunfyre and a digital print – from Art by Andileh, to a playlist by Watu and Tarot Reading by Justin Henry of Tarot Supreme, author of the Black Queer Tarot, the virtual gallery looks to art as a means of revolution.

Emotionally driven and vulnerable at its heart, ‘Gunfyre’ is a strong second release for the year from an artist who is already a crowd favourite at festivals and intimate settings. No doubt, there is much more to be seen from Hayku Kyah in the new year. 

Check out the new single ‘Gunfyre’ by Hayku Kyah below and take a look at the virtual gallery curated by Hayku Kyah in collaboration with artists from across the globe here.