Gravel Pit

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Gravel Pit


G’day Gravel Pit, what brought you all together? Initially the band was myself (Rivals, keys/electronics) and Martino (drums). We were hanging out at the now defunct Harvest festival watching Fuck Buttons. I was looking for a drummer and asked him to write with me. After a few singles and an EP we realised we wanted a vocalist. We both only ever had one person in mind and that was Adam from the now defunct Hira Hira.


Who are the main inspirations behind your sound? We all love acts that are electronic or experimental acts that perform live. Health, Holy Fuck, PVT, Seakae, Liars, Battles.


Got any new releases on the horizon? We have a single that we may release very shortly but other than that we will have a new EP out mid-year.


Done any ripper gigs lately? We just played our ‘office Christmas party’ with our pals in Totally Unicorn, Gay Paris and Sorcery. It was nuts. The venue was at capacity super early and people lined up for hours.


What’s a piece of equipment that’s essential to Gravel Pit’s sound? We all use a stupid amount of gear, but I would say Martino on drums is our essential piece of kit. I played solo for years and it never came together live until I had a drummer.


Your lineup recently expanded, how has that changed the band’s dynamic? It changed dramatically. The songs initially were written by myself, now we all write together in a room from scratch and build songs up from jams.