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If you could add one rare record to your collection, which would it be? Nirvana’s 4th album.

What’s your best advice for record collectors? Don’t believe the hype. Buy records because you love the music, not because it’s some fancy 300g Chai Latte coloured vinyl, limited to 23-and-a-half copies and comes with a free beard comb. Get diggin’, it’s amazing what you can find from a time before ‘limited edition’ became a means for selling music.

What can people expect if they visit you on Record Store Day? Loads of RSD exclusives and over 2000 fresh secondhand records hitting the racks including rock, hip hop, metal, jazz, blues, soul, disco, oz, indie, soundtracks and more. There’s so many goodies, and even a brightly coloured dog.

What do you love about vinyl records? They’re roundness! Hmm, I just love them circles. So smoooth and curvy. MP3s don’t even have a shape, never mind any circles!!

Why should record collectors visit your store? Because we have an awesome, ever-changing range of new and used vinyl that covers almost all genres. We’re friendly, we don’t judge, we’re willing to try anything and we here to help you find that special bit of music goodness. And we have a dog. And we sell plants too.