GL created shockwaves as they shook the Corner Hotel with electric dance tunes

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GL created shockwaves as they shook the Corner Hotel with electric dance tunes


Songs such as Focus had a charmingly romantic quality to them that wafted through the slowly thinning air as people bopped to the song’s hypnotic beat. Other expansive tunes like FKWTU and Hero Man grooved along to similarly seductive tracks that were married with Conor McCabe’s soulful and sensual voice. Sounding akin to Frank Ocean, McCabe’s confidence with his vocal range had his audience mesmerised and even led one audience member to climb up and join them on stage.

The two GL band members, G (Graeme Pogson) and L (Ella Thompson) exploded onto the stage and produced the epitome of retro, synthesised bliss. The oscillating synths and beats created by G were coupled with L’s luscious vocals on songs like Number One, which was a clear audience favourite. L danced to the exceptional pulse of Hallucinate and What Happened To Us as she performed her glorious falsetto glissando runs.

Interacting with her spellbound audience members, an inspiring adoration for the music she was performing and the people who listened to it was clear. These feelings definitely went both ways, as the crowd lapped up newer tunes like Reflect and Destiny.

GL had an energy that completely galvanised the crowd. Their blissful set was one to remember, and seeing GLis something that’s recommended, as their energetic spirit is something that must be seen.

Highlight: L’s adorable interactions with her audience.

Lowlight: A few too many rowdy people creating their own “mosh pit” during Fortuneswhich made it frustrating for everyone else.

Crowd favourite: The crowd adored Number One by GL.