Get up and move because Rebel Yell is hosting a techno-infused aerobic session

Get up and move because Rebel Yell is hosting a techno-infused aerobic session

Words by Arielle Richards

Going down on Saturday January 30.

One of Melbourne Music Week’s most innovative curations, the Rebel Yell Workout promises exactly that… and more!

The solo project of Sydney-based electro-punk musician Grace Stevenson, Rebel Yell’s catchy techno is high energy – characterised by moody, driving basslines and intriguing lyrics.

The vibe is best felt in her latest album, Fall From Grace. Released in July 2020, the hypnotic, rhythmic techno is awash with hyper-commentary, encouraging contemplation and thoughtful listening from its audience.

Aside from the complex thoughts and ideas underwriting Rebel Yell’s music, it’s really good. The kind of techno which has you tapping your feet immediately, the “gotta get-up-and-dance kind”. It’s no wonder that upon Fall From Grace’s release, with no hope of touring under COVID, Stevenson’s urge to elevate her work pushed her to innovate.

In comes her self-made Fall From Grace workout video, combining her techno with aerobics. The video itself is an absolute delight, as Rebel Yell takes you through each track on the album, announcing a real aerobic routine you can follow along at home – fifteen minutes of wholesome fun, from warm up to warm down.

Now, for MMW, join Stevenson in an in-person recreation of the workout video. Techno and aerobics, how could that be anything less than a hoot?

Rebel Yell Workout takes place at The Curtin on Saturday January 30. Secure your tickets here!