Get paid to eat at (and review) these iconic Melbourne venues

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Get paid to eat at (and review) these iconic Melbourne venues

Secret Sipper

Trip Advisor critics, now is your time to shine.

Oh, the glamour of being a food critic. The gourmet meals cooked up just for you (at no expense of your own, of course), the knowledge that your palate is to be respected and trusted…

While it typically takes years of writing, culinary training and networking to work your way into the job, the Australian Venue Co is once again offering up the position to normal, everyday citizens.

Australian Venue Co. Secret Sipper Club

  • The organisation is hiring secret reviewers around Australia to provide feedback on their establishments
  • The Secret Sippers will eat and drink at a specific local venue each month and then fill out a review form to receive $200
  • Melbourne venues include the Garden State Hotel, the Imperial, the Espy, Kewpie, the Prahan Hotel and many more

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Applications are open for the AVC’s Secret Sipper team. These lucky applicants will visit local venues an average of once a month to sample their wares and report back on their experience.

The Secret Sippers will receive $30 towards their food and beverage purchase and will be paid $200 once the job is complete. Maybe not enough to quit your day job, but still – it’s a pretty sweet deal.

However, as the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. The finished reports need to be quite detailed and the Secret Sippers must also complete other tasks (while keeping the nature of their visits hidden) including interacting with staff and discreetly investigating the venue for any potential concerns.

While the company has locations across the country, some of the Melbourne venues include the Espy, Kewpie, State of Grace, Trinket, Yarra Botanica and a whole host of others.

To apply to be one of the Australian Venue Co. Secret Sippers, head here