Vegemite cheesecake? This brewpub has dedicated its menu to the classic Aussie condiment

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Vegemite cheesecake? This brewpub has dedicated its menu to the classic Aussie condiment


To celebrate 100 years of the salty spread, Bad Shepherd and Vegemite are teaming up for a massive menu take-over.

Love it or hate it, there’s nothing really like Vegemite (okay – I guess there’s Marmite, but can we really compare?). The iconic Australian spread is celebrating its big 100th birthday and to do so, it’s enlisting the help of the Cheltenham restaurant and pub Bad Shepherd.

Bad Shepherd’s traditionally American-inspired BBQ menu has just taken a sharp turn down under. On May 13, the brewpub launched its brand-new range of food items paying tribute to all-things Mitey.

Bad Shepherd’s Mitey Menu

  • To celebrate Vegemite’s 100th anniversary, the Cheltenham brewpub has centered its menu around the spread
  • It now features Vegemite-infused brisket, sausages, chicken wings and cheesecake
  • The Mitey menu will run until February 2024

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There are four new menu items that will be a part of the celebration. First, a Bad Shepherd favourite with a twist – they’ll be rubbing their slow-smoked brisked with a dehydrated Vegemite powder, giving it that extra touch of umami.


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As far as savoury items go, they’ll also have Vegemite and cheddar sausages and fried chicken wings coated in a salty-sweet Vegemite BBQ sauce.

The most controversial creation up for grabs is the cheesecake. Sitting atop a salted cracker base, the rich and creamy dessert is elevated with a few dollops of Australia’s finest – you’ll have to try it for yourself.

The Vegemite-flavoured offerings will run until February 2024, so there’s plenty of time to head out to the South Eastern suburb and munch down on some BBQ goodness.

If Cheltenham is a little out of the way for you, keep an eye on Bad Shepherd’s social media. Throughout the year,  they’ll be bringing their wares to food stalls at events across the city – so far, they’ve got the South East Beer Festival and GABS Beer & Cider Festival on the agenda.

For more information on the Bad Shepherd’s Vegemite menu (and to make a booking), head here