Fur, Beer and Flames: What to expect from Barbarion’s anniversary show

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Fur, Beer and Flames: What to expect from Barbarion’s anniversary show


Ten years, that’s a long time. How did it all start for Barbarion? It’s a bloody long time. It all started with lead singer Myles Tauchert confronting us all and informing us that we were in the band and there was nothing we could do about it. 

What are your memories of that first warehouse show in East Brunswick? A couple of hundred people turning up to see a group of grown, overweight men dressed up like warriors. We had two bass players, two singers, two guitarists, one drummer, and no idea what we were doing.

What have been some of the most memorable moments of the last decade? The Big Day Out tour in 2011, especially when a colony of ants moved in on Myles’ putrid stinking costume in Adelaide. Meredith 2011 was a big moment for us, and our tour of Europe in 2013 was an eating frenzy to behold. You haven’t seen eating until you’ve seen former singer Frankie Gionfriddo clean up a pork knuckle.

What are some of the biggest changes you’ve witnessed? Good live music venues and festivals disappearing, a proliferation of vegan eateries, and pots of beer for more than $5. It’s not all bad though, something good must’ve happened in that time. Oh yeah, Australia in Eurovision, we’re still waiting for our call up.

What can we expect from your anniversary show? Fur, beer, fire, dancing, more beer, self-indulgent guitar solos, fat guys, more fire, special guests, new tracks, togas, air guitar, plenty more beer, and a bloody good time.