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I’m expecting it to be awesome,” he predicts, “when we were there we had a really great response, people seemed to be excited that we were there, and it was a really warm welcome. And we’ve had a very positive response coming off the internet from Australia, so I’m expecting good things.


It’s pretty cold here now,” he informs us, “I can see snow here now, so I can’t wait to get down there!”


In return, the band plan to give Aussie Soundwave crowds a rollicking good time during their sets, so you can expect, you guessed it, some serious fireworks during their show.


It’s a good live energetic show,” he describes, “that’s what we hope to offer, and not to disappoint anyone. I’m not too worried about it, I think it’s gonna go pretty well, and we have some surprises. No hints though!” he laughs.


Listening to their recorded works, it’s easy to picture these guys putting on a ridiculously high energy affair. Their music is very ‘up’, vibey and vibrant, and according to Kyle it’s as much fun to write and to play as it sounds.


Yeah, it’s a lot of fun to play,” he agrees, “there’s a lot of energy, and you get to feel that energy onstage and you go off. So yeah it’s a lot of fun for us and the crowd.”


It’s actually a little difficult to pin down some of the sounds and influences inherent in their music. It’s pretty obvious that these guys listen to a broad range of sounds and bands and channel it into their own unique style of high energy pop punk with a difference.


Oh, it’s all across the board,” he states, “I couldn’t nail it down to one person, or even a few. But we all grew up listening to punk rock and hardcore and we try to transfer that into who we are today. It’s everything from mainstream rock bands to real indie rock bands to punk bands and all across the board. We try to draw influence from everything. Anything we can, because music in general is our influence.”


It’s been almost a year since their last album Gospel, and the band recently began work writing their third full-length album, and hope to have something brand new out by the end of the year: “Yeah, we’ve been back into our little cosy practise space in the last couple of weeks, working on some new tunes” he says, “so they’re all in the very early stages, but they’re coming along great and we’re all really stoked on them. So we’re excited to develop them some more. So hopefully we’ll have some kind of new music out in 2012.”


Aside from working on new material on their return from the Soundwave tour, the band also have a pretty heavy US touring schedule to go home to, and in the greater scheme of things, Kyle feels the band are really just getting started on their long journey as a recording and touring act.


We have a few tours confirmed for after Soundwave,” he informs us, “but none of them have been announced yet, so I don’t know if I can say anything. I don’t want to get in trouble!” he jokes, “we’re doing a festival called South by So What in Texas, and we’ll be touring out from that. It’s all US touring, when we get back from Australia. So we’re glad to kind of have a break from our country!


We’ve been around for six years,” he says, “and I don’t feel that we’ve peaked, or even at a steady pace yet. We’re still kind of making a name for ourselves, and we’re kinda on the upswing. So I think we’ll continue that until we’re in a state that it’s not worth it to go on, or we wanted to explore other options in our lives. Right now, and for as long as we can we just want to do this and make a good go of it.”


And so do you have any parting words for your Aussie fans in the lead up to the Soundwave tour?


We just can’t wait to get over,” he gushes, “ever since we’ve been over there, it’s my favourite place I’ve ever been. So we’re very excited for Soundwave and Australia.”