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Who are your core musical influences? That’s a tough one for us as each member of the band has very different musical tastes. But I’d say we all love bands like Tool, Deftones, Karnivool, Bjork, RATM, Jeff Buckley, APC, Meshuggah, Incubus. There really are too many bands to name which is probably why we ended up being a prog band.

Who are you stoked most to be sharing the bill with at Progfest? I’m really looking forward to seeing Circles. I haven’t seen them live for about five or six years. Last time I saw them they blew me away, and from what I’ve heard they’re even better now.  They’ve been around for a while and are a really important and influential band within the prog scene in Australia.

What got you interested in prog as a genre? It was probably due to getting bored of standard format music. But having said that, that doesn’t mean that I now hate other genres, I like the experimentation and the range of emotions you can fit within progressive music.

How do you experiment at practice/in the studio to come up with new sounds? It’s a pretty straightforward collaboration for us. Most of the time someone comes in with a recording, riff ideas or a chorus and from there we build the song. Once we have the blueprint we throw ideas and flavours around and see what sticks.

If you could name three bands for a dream lineup, who would they be? I personally think that seeing Helmet, Bjork and Tool would be a pretty damn special night of music.