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Fairy Floss


When was Fairy Floss launched? Fairy Floss was established in magical Byron Bay back in 1998 where creative, alternative lifestyles and fashion have more freedom to express. Where fairies are very much alive and real.


What are your designs inspired by? The fringes of style and culture – from Burning Man and Steampunk, to expanding consciousness and sacred geometry.


What’s one thing you’d like people to know about Fairy Floss? That our brand stands for unique and natural expression of ones individuality and lifestyle. We promote self-expression through ever-changing, inspiring, and quality apparel.


What inspired the move to Melbourne? Melbourne has that eclectic, artistic vibe that we find resonates well with our brand.


What can visitors to the Fitzroy store expect? Visitors can immerse themselves in the timeless, grungy, industrial yet earthy vibe of our shop. It’s like Mad Max meets Jules Verne – edgy and strong, yet frilly and soft.


Tell us about your Bali-based production. It all starts with months of sketches and drawings in our Australian studio. The finished designs are sent to our factory in Bali for sample making, corrections, pattern making and production. Fair trade and sustainability is extremely important to us. We know that to get the quality and vibe that we want, our tailors need to be happy and well paid and in a good environment.