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” I thought it would’ve got higher,” says Butterfingers frontman Evil Eddie Jacobson of his debut single Queensland.

" I thought it would’ve got higher," says Butterfingers frontman Evil Eddie Jacobson of his debut single Queensland. By the sounds of it, Eddie is nonplussed by the song clocking in at 86. "Personally, the Hottest 100 used to be the best songs of the year. Everyone could closely predict it. These days, no one knows, no one would have predicted Angus & Julia (Stone). And that Magic Fountain song; I can’t believe that did so well," Eddie says with evident surprise.

"I don’t know if it’s a clear indication of the Australian youth as a whole, it used to be fairly well rounded. There’s been a shift in listeners; it’s more selected now. More people are listening to community radio now, especially in Sydney and Melbourne. Triple J have lost their footing with the nation as a whole," Eddie posits. It seems that there has been a shift in radio listeners due to the fact that the general public seem disappointed and surprised by the results of this year’s poll.

Expecting to drop his debut album Welcome To Flavour Country in April through his own label Bewilderbeats, Eddie happily talks about the idea behind the label. "At the moment it’s just a label to release my own stuff. I haven’t been actively seeking out anyone. I’m working with low budgets and I wouldn’t want to commit to promoting another band. I wouldn’t want them to think I’m the key to anyone’s future. I’m struggling to keep my own head above water. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for anyone else unless they were prepared to throw their lives away," he laughs.

Remaining optimistic, Eddie is finalizing all of his songs, getting ready to record and preparing to play shows over the next few months. "I’ve got shows in the middle of recording which isn’t super convenient, everything’s happening all at once. It’s a really exciting time for me to be honest. It’s better to be doing something rather than nothing."


As well as becoming a rising solo hip hop star, Eddie also plays guitar for well-known Brisbane punk rock band Spitfireliar. After the recent floods in Brisbane and other parts of Queensland experienced, the band played a successful fundraiser show at The Zoo. "We’re diligent about the exposure," he says. "We did a lot better than any previous show we’ve had. We got some enthusiasm back in the band. Another clip’s on the cards but I’m recording so Spitfireliar will slow down a bit. We’ve been writing heaps. Every time we practice (not for a show), we come up with at least one or two songs and start amassing material. We’ve got at least half an album worth of songs but not with words. Our singer (Mouldy) just shouts over the top anyway!"

EVIL EDDIE plays The East Brunswick Club this Friday March 4 – tickets from The East and eastbrunswickclub.com. His single Queensland is out now, and the album Welcome To Flavour Country is due for release later this year.