Electronic: Rat & Co are launching their new album, Cool Room is back, and French DJ UVB comes to Lounge

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Electronic: Rat & Co are launching their new album, Cool Room is back, and French DJ UVB comes to Lounge


This Friday October 27, Melbourne chill enthusiasts Rat & Co are launching their latest album Third Law at Northcote Social Club. Third Law has been on heavy rotation for me since its release a few weeks ago, it’s a brilliant album thematically exploring the relationship between human and machine. Definitely one of my favourite local releases of the year and I’m keen to see how they reproduce their textured-electronica sound on stage. They have an excellent lineup of local talent on support duties too; Broadway Sounds, Beatrice and Orcha. Kicks off at 8.30pm.


If you’re keen to kick on into party mode after that, round the corner at 24 Moons, monthly party institution Cool Room is back, this time featuring Los Angeles acid king Aaron Davis. Davis is responsible for the LA party collective Acid Camp, an entity that mirrors Cool Room in many ways – starting as a daytime open-air party, morphing into a podcast series, an iconic t-shirt run and a record label – becoming a key part of the thriving LA underground. 

A versatile DJ, Davis moves through late night acid and atmospheric techno to sunrise feel-good house and disco and back again, leaving you disoriented and wondering how you got there. Backing him up will be Millu and Emily Roseman, kicks off at 10pm.


For something a bit (lot) heavier on Friday, head to down to Lounge and check out the Bunker party featuring French DJ/producer UVB. Having toured extensively throughout Europe, South America and Asia on the festival and club circuit, UVB is a seasoned professional who knows how to take an attentive audience on a journey. UVB also keeps himself busy running and producing music for his own label Body Theory, his latest release For We Live By Sight was an exploration of relentless scuzzy warehouse techno, intense stuff. Check it out on the Body Theory Bandcamp. Local support comes from Hyper Binary, Vohkinne and Bunker’s own Jake McDonald. Kicks off at 11pm.


On Saturday at Lounge, Lucid sees organisers and resident DJs 6am At The Garage taking a night off, making way for disco-dons Edd Fisher and Simon TK of Wax’o Paradiso to do a four hour back to back set. Backing them up is Millú and Ricci. 10pm ‘til stumps.