Electronic: 2017 in review

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Electronic: 2017 in review


As the only city in Australia where you can party from dusk ‘til dawn, it’s no surprise that Melbourne has a killer electronic music scene. With an increasingly inclusive and diverse ethos across the board of parties and gigs, 2017 often saw flourishing local talent playing alongside seasoned veterans, and it was bloody excellent. Yes, we lost the beloved fire-hazard that was the Mercat Basement back in February, but in the end, it was just a room. The party will go on. I thought I’d shine a strobe light on some of the new and old faces that made Melbourne the epicentre of the Australian electronic scene in 2017. 


SHOUSE: When was the last time you saw a songwriting production duo perform with a choir in the club? Shouse had an incredible year playing live, releasing tracks and throwing parties with their OpenShouse series featuring local and international DJs and producers across a variety of genres. They’ve just released their track ‘Love Tonight’ that features guest vocals from members of Client Liaison, Habits, Banoffee, Oscar Key Sung and more.


Habits: It’s hard to know what to say about Habits, they’re a beautifully weird package of electro-goth-punk party jams that, when combined with their onstage personas (and outfits), become an important representation of progressive ideals in music. Or, without the wank, fucking cool. 2017 saw them playing bloody everything and gaining the intimidating reputation they deserve.


ACM: ACM plays hard-out uncompromising techno with a huge rig of synths and drum machines. There’s plenty of people doing the live techno thing, but few on this planet are doing it as well as ACM right now. 2017’s seen him go from a solid opening act to outgunning the internationals he’s frequently supporting.


Brooke Powers: Powers was DJing everywhere in 2017 and has become a pillar in the LGBTQIA+ community, co-running the Spank! parties and holding down a residency at Le Fag. The queer party scene seems the strongest it’s been in years and that’s a testament to people like Powers who live and breathe the scene they create. 


Sleep D: Although Sleep D ended their weekly party ‘Mania’ in August 2016, the Frankston lads still manage to be an almost permanent fixture in the Melbourne house scene. They extended their repertoire to semi-frequent live shows and released a number of records from local producers on their label: Butter Sessions.


Beatrice: As one of the busiest woman in the scene, perhaps her greatest achievement of 2017 was her work with the ‘Barkly Desert Cultures’ multimedia program in the Northern Territory. This led to the formation of Kardajala Kirridarra with women from the Marlinja and Kulumindini communities, producing their album and performing at festivals and events around Australia. Outside of that, she continued DJing her brand of bass music around Melbourne, doing solo live sets and playing in the band Haiku Hands.


6am At The Garage: Running a weekly party is hard, but Liam and Benny of 6am At The Garage have been doing a stellar job of not only being resident DJs at Lucid, but handling the booking and running their blog as well. Every Saturday night at Lounge the boys are backing up some of Australia’s best selectors and performers with the occasional international guest. Lucid had some big shoes to fill when Mania finished up, but they’ve done a killer job.


DJ Kiti: Kiti’s a veteran techno DJ and a Melbourne legend. Whether she’s warming up or headlining, whether it’s a festival or a 50 capacity room, Kiti’s got you. Her love of music is infectious, and Melbourne is lucky to have her.