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What makes the Australian prog scene so special? It’s littered with incredible musicians doing exactly what they love – creating. It’s a sincere form of creation that is shared between band members. It’s something special to all of us in the scene as it allows an outlet for just about any emotion.

What got you interested in prog initially? We were all interested in music from an early age. I started singing lessons when I was nine and have never looked back. As far as Dyssidia is concerned, we all met studying in our respective instruments at the Conservatorium of Adelaide. Studying music brought on our love for pushing musical boundaries.

What do you think is the most underrated aspect of the genre? The musicianship. That’s the point of prog – sleek instrumental, deep stories, and a wide array of emotions.

What do you enjoy most about playing with Dyssidia? We have a musical connection I’m yet to experience with any other musician. Live show and tours are what get me really excited. Being on the road with my best friends is something that I never thought I’d experience.

How do you mentally prepare for a show, especially one as big as Progfest? Quiet time, followed by stretching, followed by a beer or two, that usually keeps the butterflies at bay. The guys warm up throughout the day running scales and songs, keeping morale up is relatively easy because we all love what we do.