Core – November 9, 2011

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Core – November 9, 2011


New York hardcore dudes Backtrack will head to Australia in January, just in time for the heat to kick them in the nads. They’ll do a lap of the land with Melbourne boys Iron Mind and arrive at Next in Melbourne on January 19. Underage types can catch them at Phoenix Youth Center on Friday January 20.

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez , that loopy guy from Mars Volta/At The Drive in will bring a band to Australia in December, fittingly titled the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group. *tumbleweed*. Good name, bro. They will be joined by Mexican art punk group Le Butcherettes and will swing by Melbourne’s East Brunswick Club on December 13 and 14. Tickets are available now.

The dudes who did it first, The Pogues, will tour Australia next April for the first time since 1989. They’re heading out way to play some shows at Byron’s Bluesfest but they’ll stop in at Melbourne’s Festival Hall on Wednesday April 4. Tickets go on sale this Friday.

Max Bemis of Say Anything is short on cash again cos he’s offering to write and record you a song about anything you want…again. He’ll write you a full-length song for $150US and a half length song for $75. There are only 174 songs left and each include a phone call from Max. Weeeeird.

All Shall Perish and Resist locals Perish The Thought will make their way around Australia early next month. They’re bringing their brutal business to The National Hotel in Geelong on November 30, followed by Melbourne’s Corner Hotel on December 1.

Kris Roe of The Ataris has announced that he’ll self-release a solo acoustic debut as a pay-what-you-want download via the band’s Bandcamp page. All profits from this will fund the next Ataris full-length album.

As if you needed further incentive to get to their upcoming shows, Fucked Up have announced that they will take an indefinite hiatus after their upcoming Australian tour. Frontman Damian told a US magazine saying “I can’t tour anymore… It can be weirdly lonely even though you’re surrounded by these five other people. But we’ve been together now 10 years and there’s not a lot left to talk about. It messes with your head after a while and I think that’s why we need this break. Me especially though, I’m the one losing it the most by far”. Fucked Up play East Brunswick Club on Wednesday November 30.