Core – March 7, 2012

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Core – March 7, 2012



So I’ve gotta say, Melbourne Soundwave was an absolute delight this year. Possibly because I employed my new festival technique of ensuring I arrive in the afternoon, showered, well slept and extremely caffeinated. It’s seriously worth missing half a day of bands when you get to arrive refreshed and not looking like a sunburnt mud-dwelling goblin from hell. As usually I felt like I was probably in the older portion of the crowd in attendance which would usually make me uncomfortable but last weekend I totally thrived on the sensation of being an old unfashionable fuck. Especially while watching CroMags decimate their 30 minute set. Black Veil Brides were sound checking on the stage opposite and drawing a hefty legion of young, adoring fans, all of whom glared at Cro Mags’ John Joseph McGowan as though their very own father was wriggling about on stage in front of them. This made me very happy. Go bask in the glory that is being a jaded old bastard who knows great music this weekend. Bomb The Music Industry are in town, ParkwayDrive are rolling through regional centers, Cash No! are thrashing out NOFX’s Decline in its entirety, The Gun Runners play their first show of 2012 and Dangerous are proving themselves in small club shows pretty much everywhere.


Japanese experimental noise rock band Boris have sold out their Corner Hotel show and have now set their sights on Northcote Social Club for a second Melbourne gig on Sunday March 25. You can grab your tickets now. Supports are still TBC.


Canberra’s Hoodlum Shouts are set to release their debut album Young Man Old Man on March 28 via Poison City. Having played a collection of shows here recently, they’ll return soon for album launch dates at The Old Bar on Wednesday April 18 and Gasometer on Saturday May 5.


The Brian Jonestown Massacre will return to Australia this May in support of their new album Aufheben. They’ll bring Danish duo The Ravonettes with them when they hit Melbourne’s Forum Theatre on Ma y 19. Tickets are available from Thursday.


Party Vibes are streaming their new album Legends Of Gnarlia online at their bandcamp page now. The album’s released online on April 7. See them play at Next this Thursday March 8.


Local acoustic guru Darren Gibson has revealed that he’s scored the main support on the upcoming Xavier Rudd national tour. The Follow The Sun tour includes already sold out the Forum Theatre on Wednesday March 21. Tickets are still available for a Hi-Fi show on Tuesday March 20. Tickets available now.


Californian hardcore band Xibalba will tour Australia for the first time this April. Melbourne locals Warbrain will join them on their Australian tour which hits Next on Thursday April 26 followed by Phoenix Youth Center on Friday April 27.