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Everyone’s favourite woman-bashing piece of shit Ben Weasel is quite fed up with everyone for being angry at him for the events that took place at South By Southwest this year and has revealed that he’s replaced his former band mates with “mean, lean men”. He says of his former bandmates, “they didn’t give a damn about what went down on stage…until the internet told them they ought to. Rest assured fans, no such weak-minded milksops are in the current lineup. I’m taking back the reins from the classless, spineless, frightened children who dragged Screeching Weasel’s name through the mud with their dishonest, ass-covering press release and all the cheap shot cowards who kicked me while I was down are getting a horseshoe straight up the ass!” Or a hook to the face, right Ben? To call people who were disgusted with his behavior ‘sanctimonious pricks’ is utterly laughable.

Adelaide’s Stolen Youth with be doing one final lap of Australia before taking off the Europe next month. The extensive national tour is rumoured to come after the band were scheduled as Title Fight supports, told to book flights and then swiftly replaced by Break Even, leaving the band with flights around the country and nowhere to play. Make sure you show them your support when they play at The Gasometer on September 10 with The Gun Runners, Declaration and Palisades.

Arizona band The Bled have parted ways and have said in a press release: “After 10 years of making music together we have decided it’s time to move on to new things. We are in the process of booking our final tour and will post dates for that as soon as it’s confirmed”.

Speaking of break ups, there have been some interesting developments in Alexisonfire’s story and the focus has been swiftly lifted off Dallas Green. Turns out that guitarist/backup vocalist Wade McNeil played a hefty part in the band’s demise after deciding to join UK band Gallows as their lead singer. He has said, “after the boys decided they were going to keep going [following Frank Carter’s departure] my name kind of popped up and they all thought it made sense…I think this is something I can do and something I really want to do, but I’m not interested in coming on and replacing anybody”.

And MORE breakups! Unwritten Law have lost two key members after guitarist Steve Morris came to blows with notoriously volatile lead singer Scott Russo. Says Morris, “The incident broke out when we were arguing over our bus call after a show. Scott was over an hour late and I had to be home to make my son’s last tee-ball game the next morning. I wasn’t expecting to be hit; that’s not the kind of thing I ever thought would happen.” Morris and bassist Pat Kim have officially left the group, with Russo responding saying “I feel that Swan needs to be heard and that the band must continue on”.

Sparta frontman and At The Drive In founder Jim Ward announced last week that Sparta would be reforming shortly to play some shows in the US and record a followup to their critically acclaimed 2006 album Threes. Ward played at Melbourne’s East Brunswick Club last week and told the audience he expects to bring Sparta to Australia next year.

Children Of Bodom have announced that Australia will be a part of their Ugly World Tour 2011. They’ll be playing some pretty decent venues this November with Perth band Voyager. Pencil in Thursday November 10 at The Palace.

Resist band Confession will tour Australia in support of their new album The Long Way Home this October. The tour includes a regional date at Bendigo on October 9,and two shows at the Corner Hotel on October 15 (U18) and October 16 (18+). Thy Art Is Murder and Antagonist AD have scored supports on all shows.

The Amity Affliction’s upcoming tour with Asking Alexandria and Skyway is selling out quickly with the underage and overage Melbourne gigs completely sold out. Destroy All Lines have added one more over-age show at Billboards on Tuesday October 11. Best get in early.