Cinematic indie-folk: Coda Chroma is heading to Brunswick this month

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Cinematic indie-folk: Coda Chroma is heading to Brunswick this month

Coda Chroma
words by staff writer

Fresh from the success of her third studio album, Dreamself, the enigmatic singer-songwriter will bring an ethereal blend of cinematic folk and baroque pop to Brunswick Ballroom.

Coda Chroma’s recent album, Dreamself, is a dreamscape where the artist weaves stories through abstraction, navigating life’s experiences and mysteries. Prepare to be enthralled as the award-winning musical sensation from Ballarat enchants the stage at Brunswick Ballroom on July 29.

Coda Chroma

  • Where: Brunswick Ballroom
  • When: July 29

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Released on March 31, 2023, Dreamself delves into the mystical realm that exists between being awake and asleep. Guided by the masterful production of Damien Charles, the album’s soundscape features a harmonious interplay of strings, synthesisers, and an entrancing rhythm section. Natalie Lewis’s ethereal backing vocals add another layer of enchantment, captivating listeners with each track.

Dreamself has not only earned critical acclaim but has also received several accolades, being crowned Album of the Week by PBS, 2SER, and the Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR). The album’s tracks have found their way into Double J’s coveted rotation and have soared high in the AMRAP charts.

Fans and newcomers alike can expect a night of musical exploration as Coda Chroma’s live performances are renowned for their immersive experience. With hauntingly beautiful melodies, introspective lyrics, and a sense of nostalgia for the unknown, Coda Chroma’s music offers a profound connection with the audience.

Collaborating closely with New Zealand-born producer Damien Charles, this cinematic indie-folk project embraces lush arrangements and expansive musical tapestries that enchant and enrapture.

It all goes down at Brunswick Ballroom on July 29. Grab tickets by heading here.

This article was made in partnership with Brunswick Ballroom.