Bronson Vs Silent Rose

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Bronson Vs Silent Rose


What exactly is a Silent Rose?

“No idea. But we do know the rose has been used in the past as a sign of secrecy. Something this Silent Rose is now speaking out against.”

Are you guys sponsored by the WWF ? What’s with the panda?

“Started out as a song title – Pandemoniumshortened to Panda, who turned into a mascot. And yes, we’re currently in talks with the WWF.”

What is your stance on men wearing tight jean shorts?

“Tighter, the shorter, the better. Hell, we’re all wearing them now!”

What makes your music different to other bands in the metal/rock scene?

“We are the only ones playing post nu-metalcoreo.”

What can people expect from your EP?

:Spine shaking screams and enchanting melodies.”

Why should people come and watch Silent Rose?

“Ever seen a panda wearing tight jean shorts? Well you just might get your chance.”


Silent Rose hassling Bronson


Name the polar opposite music genre to your band.

“We play metal, so surely surely the opposite is liquid. ‘Liquid’ being a melodic, ambient take on drum and bass, with a heavy jazz/funk influence. Less intense than its daddy drum and bass, but it’s kept the pace up nicely. (Courtesy of Google)”

What do you love about playing live music in Melbourne ?

“Simply the atmosphere and the energy of great a live show; it can keep you buzzing for days. We’ve always maintained that the live show comes first and foremost. Coming in a close second would definitely be the many friends we have made along the way, not only bands, but the punters who support us continuously.”

What can we expect to see from Bronson at The Evelyn show next week?

“A whole bunch of energy, stupid jokes and a whole bunch of very loud music, although we can’t give away our surprise. We love The Evelyn and metal rarely gets to shine there, so it really is the opportune time to fly the metal flag.”

What inspires and influences your music the most.

“It’s probably a combination of things for different guys in the band. I can be confident in saying our families and friends inspire our music, but in regards to musical influences, they definitely range miles apart from member to member. Lyrically there’s a very strong message in our music around just being yourself, doing what you love and anti-hate.”

If a hit song gets written and played in the woods and no one’s around to hear it, is it still a hit song?

“Only if it was written by Daryl Braithewaite.”

Why should people come to see Bronson live?

“Because like anything else in life, you don’t want to be that person who says one day, ‘I wish I checked out Bronson!’ You know, we’re listed on Red Balloon now; apparently we are an experience.”


SILENT ROSE launch their new EP with help from BRONSON at The Evelyn this Friday June 17 – with Dead Lovers Lane and Giants Under The Sun.