Brendan Maclean Jelly Wrestling

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Brendan Maclean Jelly Wrestling


Brendan Maclean has a brand new single and a cool video to go with it. Check it out here!

Sydney singer-songwriter Brendan Maclean has a brand new single called Cold & Happy, which comes complete with a shiny new video clip.

The music video is directed by Queensland filmmaker Peter Irelend, who is working with Maclean for the second time after also directing his first single Practically Wasted

The Practically Wasted video reached the 2010 Rage Top 50, and also received a swag of prizes at the Queensland New Film Awards, including Best Video Clip.

Cold & Happy stars a cast of sweet and fabulous nannas and pops, and 15 litres of multi-coloured jelly that gets thrown around in a fun food fight! Yummy.

This charming little pop track is from Brendan Maclean’s White Canvas EP. You can get it from iTunes, or from, where you can also order a signed copy.