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Changing their name from ‘Nucleus’ late last year, the band have achieved a large amount

Breaking Orbit are a Sydney-based progressive rock band with a big sound and some big ambitions. And hearing their recorded works and seeing them live makes it obvious that they have the musical and performance goods to back these ambitions up to the hilt. They have the type of sound and show that may appeal to an audience beyond simply musicians and prog enthusiasts; their songs are catchy as well as complex, and they put on a highly extroverted and entertaining live performance. It’s always a fine line when it comes to progressive music, but they walk it well.

Changing their name from ‘Nucleus’ late last year, the band have achieved a large amount in their five year history, including the release of two EPs, many interstate tours and sharing the stage with the likes of Cog, Dead Letter Circus, Bellusira and MM9. They return to Melbourne for the umpteenth time this year this weekend, and promise yet another rip-roaring show for Melbourne punters. Drummer Mark Tyson discussed the band’s influences, live show and the upcoming Melbourne jaunt from his nine-to-five job in Newcastle.

“I guess collectively we have a great love of, and are heavily influenced by Karnivool, and your Porcupine Tree’s,” he starts, regarding the bands that have inspired their songwriting and sound. “A lot of it comes down to that stuff that’s musically complex, but is still able to be something that can get out to the masses.

“The big, eclectic kind of stadium sound is what we draw influence from. For me personally it’s a big range of genres and bands. I’ve got a heavy classical background, I tend to lean towards Porcupine Trees, Dead Letter Circus – all that kinda stuff, where there’s that really broad sound.”.

If you follow the band in any way, shape or form, you will get a highly active and ambitious feeling from them, they always seem to have something going on: releasing their recordings regularly, touring interstate multiple times each year and so on. Breaking Orbit are releasing another single in the coming months, leading up to a full album recording next year. They also have one more trip to Melbourne planned, playing Glaciers in Frankston on October 2 – as it works out, the revised date for the AFL Grand Final replay.

Melbourne punters who haven’t experienced Breaking Orbit in a live setting yet are in for a treat, with their show featuring their highly ambitious progressive rock, highly entertaining percussive elements and a considerably heavier sound than they project on record. “I think you still see that very heavy prog element in our music live,” Mark agrees.

“I think with the stuff on record, you still get the sense of our style, and the melodic nature of what we do. I mean, when we’re live we still try and bring forth that eclectic-ness… if there is such a word!” he laughs. “Also, all the symphonic backing and melodic lines, but at the same time we have a very tribal element to it, to the way we write and the way we play. We definitely enjoy emphasising that tribal element, and that might go some way towards explaining that heaviness.

“But we definitely try and project that sort of eclectic sound, ‘cos it’s a very integral part of the way we write our music, and our sound in general.

“We’ve always found (the tribal drumming) to be a definite crowd favourite!” Mark adds. “I don’t know whether it’s percussion in general, or just having a driving beat, and the visual of a percussionist going hammer and tongs, [but] I think the key is trying to find a way that will engage the crowd as well. But it’s definitely a lot of fun for us to play that, and we definitely try and make it interesting for the crowd.”

Breaking Orbit have a very unique approach to advertising and promoting, taking out regular adverts on Facebook, to get their band into the faces of the people who matter; the fans and the industry. It’s how they came to this writer’s attention, and online social networking has become an absolutely vital cog in the promotional arsenal of any hard working band, as Mark explains: “It’s quite interesting,” he says, “I think social networking is one of those marketing things that you can never live without these days. It’s our portal to our supporters and people who like or play the same kind of music we do… they’re very important ‘cos they provide you with that interface, and people need to be able to reach out to you. We enjoy that feedback too.”

And as for the longer term future of Breaking Orbit? “I know there is an absolute passion to see our music go beyond the borders of Australia!” he states. We wish them all the luck in the world.

BREAKING ORBIT play Glaciers in Frankston (480 Nepean Hwy, Frankston) this Saturday October 2, in order to launch their single My Direction , which is from their forthcoming album. Check out for more info.