Blackened : The Sense In Violence

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Blackened : The Sense In Violence


Blackened may be a new force in the Melbourne metal scene, but the long haired thrashers have already earned their stripes in bands like Stiff Meat, Attack and Maniaxe. The benefits of this experience are instantly obvious. Their music is tight, to the point and free of any wishy-washy filler which can plague a first release.
The Sense In Violence is pure thrash. It comes out kicking with a barrage of triplets and galloping kicks and over the next 13 minutes hellish solos will rise and fall, observations of dismay and death will be growled and paces are slowed to allow for grand displays of windmilling. Apparently this is a precursor to a full length album slated for release later this year. If this is the case, I feel sorry for the necks of everyone who ends up buying it.

There is very little surprise in this three track demo, and neither should there be. The artwork and band name on the cover are much like the yellow and black stripes on a wasp – you know what’s coming before it hits you. And make no mistakes, this will hit you with the force of a sledgehammer. Or possible a claymore.


Best Track: Burning Of Time
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In A Word: Bestial