Best of Midsumma 2017: Finucane & Smith’s Glory Box: Lucky 13

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Best of Midsumma 2017: Finucane & Smith’s Glory Box: Lucky 13


Tell us about your show. Born and bred in Melbourne, it’s not a global love affair. Four-hundred-thousand audience members across five continents, someone told me recently (in Paris) that it’s the longest lasting and the most awarded provocative variety of our times. True? We just won our 16th award, the International Theatre Institute’s International Presentation of the Year across Cuba – the CHAMACO Award – we’ve just turned 13. At six shows only, it’s the teenage runaway you have to see.

Where did the inspiration for your show come from? We were sitting in a nightclub in southern China, drinking Chinese firewater, watching the pouring rain make hundreds of red lanterns sway like jellyfish in the branches of a giant tree, and we had a wild vision. We wanted to open a club, a salon of the extraordinary and the underground. We finished our drinks, bought boxes of red lanterns, went home to Melbourne and premiered Glory Box.   

Why is Midsumma an important event on Victoria’s cultural calendar? It’s Melbourne’s must-not-miss opportunity to see great work, support astonishing and cutting edge artists, to get out and say, ‘We are wild, we are sophisticated, we’ve got a huge heart and we love the beauty and diversity of our people – our queer and straight, our art loving and party loving, our intellectual and our silly side’. While bigotry gets a lot of press worldwide, we are stamping it out with a party.