Best New Singles: Heat Wave, Jack Ladder, Jarrow & more

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Best New Singles: Heat Wave, Jack Ladder, Jarrow & more


A note from Lachlan: Still processing the fact that Father John Misty enthusiastically told his Laneway crowd that he was reading Aldous Huxley backstage while Aldous Harding was playing like anyone on god’s green earth would give a flying rat’s arse.

Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders 

‘White Flag’

(Barely Dressed/Remote Control)

Harnessing a dreary beauty, Jack Ladder crafts a Stockholm syndrome dynamic on ‘White Flag’ that requires deft navigation, and he duly does so in tempered measure. The acerbic wit of previous material is slightly present, muted in favour of throwing down arms (don’t be so reckless) to embrace a loving sentiment which rings true.

Amaya Laucirica 

‘Could This Be’


The scope of ‘Could This Be’ is immense. It’s a soundscape you’d expect from post-rock giants, refined with a dream-pop sensibility. The very definition of heavenly.



(Barely Dressed/Remote Control)

Reminiscent of Darren Hanlon’s brilliant turns of phrase (not as sharp as Darren here, but still sharper than most), ‘Kelp’ holds it together throughout its busy-ness. The strong moments ask politely for a touch more breathing space, receiving it in the stellar outro that I really could have soaked in for another minute.


Heat Wave

‘Psychic Powers’


Big fat Big Black bass asserts dominance early, setting up a tennis match duet that comes together for a contagious chorus. Bounds along with a pace that shoots out a pop rivet or two from the chassis, but still holding it together for a mollifying dose of synth punk. Let the good times Roland. Taken from the double A-side split with Piss Factory’s ‘377’: also a belter.