Bedroom Philosopher Will Lick Himself Clean To Chris Isaak

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Bedroom Philosopher Will Lick Himself Clean To Chris Isaak


Justin Heazlewood is back and will lick himself clean dressed as a cat.

The Melbourne musician and comic of enormous talent has returned to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for a third year running with a new show.

The Bedroom Philosopher: Wit-Bix is unlike its predecessor in that it’s not a character show. This time it’s equal part stand-up rants and raves about the state of Australian society and whimsical musical numbers with his backing band The Awkwardsters.

Though this show differs in some ways from the previous Songs From The 86 Tram The Bedroom Philosopher insists it still retains “The show still has trademark Bedroom Philosopher non-sequitors and madness including licking himself clean while dressed as a cat, set to Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game.

Venue: Trades Hall, 54 Victoria St, Carlton
Dates: 31st March – 26th April (not Mondays), Previews: 31st March, 1st and 2nd of April
Tickets: $23.50 full price, $19.50 concession, $19.50 for groups of 8 or more, $19.50 for preview shows, $18.50 for Tightarse Tuesday Tickets.
Times: Tuesday – Saturday: 9.30pm Sundays: 8.30pm
Bookings: Melbourne International Comedy Festival