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Bec Goring


Who are we chatting to? My name’s Noodles, more commonly known as Bec Goring.

And what do you do?I tickle frets and whisper sweet nothings to sauced bar flies.

When did you start the tickling?When the Queensberry pub called in search of an act to serenade a swarm of Freo supporters on grand final eve.

Why did you start?Freo needed something to celebrate that weekend. 

What makes you happiest about playing music?We explore sound so it makes it hard to express what you are asking in words. Generally when you make a connection on an emotional level with an audience, that’s pretty special.

And what makes you unhappiest about it?See Question above ^^ & admin stuff that takes up practice time.

What has been your proudest moment so far?I’m proudest when I think about my (musical) language evolving and improving over time.

What are you ashamed of? Global warming probably.

What can we expect from your next show? It’ll be bigger than Ben Hur.