Where to find the best banh mi in Melbourne

Where to find the best banh mi in Melbourne

Words by Kate Streader

The MVP of sandwiches.

Born in the streets of Saigon, the coveted bánh mì follows is an artful sandwich comprising a very specific set of ingredients. A traditional bánh mì features a crisp baguette filled with roast pork, cucumber, pickled carrot and daikon radish, fresh chilies, coriander, mayonnaise and pork pâté.

There is much debate over the ingredients, namely the choice in protein and whether or not pâté is a necessity, but we can all agree that even loosely followed, you’ve got a recipe for pure sandwich magic.

Here’s where to go to find the best bánh mì in Melbourne.

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While Minh’s may seem unassuming at a glance, the constant line at the counter is known to stretch out the door, suggesting you’re in for something special. Though purists may argue there is no place for chicken on a bánh mì, Minh’s is sure to change your mind. Extra points for their warm, crunchy bread.

Find Minh’s at 41 Puckle Street, Moonee Ponds. 

La Panella Bakery

While a traditional bánh mì is off the menu for vegos, La Panella whip up a pretty damn good vegan alternative. You can choose from faux bacon, tuna, and just about every other variation of mock meat you can imagine. Prepare yourself for a life-changing sandwich experience – even if you are a meat-eater.

Find La Panella Bakery at 465 High Street, Preston.


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N.Lee Bakery

N. Lee know that the secret to an ace bánh mì is a baguette that’s crusty on the outside and pillowy on the inside. That’s why they bake three times a day – including one round right before lunchtime. With house-made pork-liver pâté and mayonnaise, it doesn’t get much fresher or tastier than this.

Find N.Lee Bakery at 220 Smith Street, Collingwood. 

Phuoc Thanh

You can get everything from egg salad to tuna on your bánh mì at Phuoc Thanh, though their shredded pork is a must-try. The sandwich makers here set themselves apart by piling as much filling as physically possible between those crispy pieces of bread. You may have trouble fitting it in your mouth and there is no graceful way to eat it, but this sandwich is worth the lap full of crumbs you’ll be left with.

Find Phuoc Thanh at 206 Victoria Street, Richmond and 420 Spencer Street, West Melbourne. 

Sunny’s Bakery

You can’t even mention the words bánh mì in Melbourne without someone jumping in with “Sunny’s is better” – and for good reason. While Collingwood locals are known to take sides between Sunny’s and N. Lee, you can’t go wrong with either. Not to mention there are three different pork variations on the menu, including a kebab/bánh mì hybrid.

Find Sunny’s Bakery at 252 Smith Street, Collingwood. 

Trang Bakery and Cafe

With multiple locations across Melbourne, including shopfronts in Collingwood, Camberwell, the CBD, and South Yarra, Trang Bakery and Cafe is a favourite for Melburnians all over. With ample options for meat-lovers and vegans, their options span crispy pork, BBQ pork, plant-based duck and eggplant tempura, each bursting with fresh and pickled salad ingredients, chilli, and crispy shallots.

Find Trang Bakery and Cafe in Collingwood, Camberwell, the CBD, and South Yarra.

Pho Nom

The brainchild of Chef Jerry Mai, Pho Nom has become such a phenomenon it now has three CBD locations. All of their bánh mìs are winners, but they’re renowned for their crispy chicken option. Loaded with fresh sriracha mayo and pâté made in-house and all the classic trimmings, you can see why it’s got such a stellar reputation.

Find Pho Nom at T4 567 Collins St and Emporium, CBD. 


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