The best cheap dumpling restaurants in Melbourne

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The best cheap dumpling restaurants in Melbourne


Who doesn't love a budget bite? Here's our list of the best cheap dumpling restaurants in Melbourne.

The best cheap dumpling restaurants are perfect date night nosh, pre-gig fuel or a late-night drunken bite, dumplings are perfect for any and every occasion. Like tasty little parcels of heaven, dumplings are sure to hit the spot every time and best of all, they’re bloody easy on the wallet. In honour of those juicy little suckers we all love so much, we’ve put together a handy list of Melbourne’s best cheap dumplings and where to find them.

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Shanghai Village Dumpling

A late-night institution of sorts, Shanghai Village Dumpling is the OG of Chinatown dumpling slingers. Perfect for a pre-gig dinner, Shanghai Village is open until 10pm and serves up dumplings faster than you can say, “Do you guys have a corkage fee?”. Look for the large red door, beckoning you forward into a haven of cheap and delicious dumplings.

Dumpling deal: 15 dumplings for $7.80

Find Shanghai Village Dumpling at 112 Little Bourke Street, CBD.

Shanghai Master Dumplings

Shanghai is the home of dumplings, so it’s a safe bet that any dumpling house that takes its name is good to go. If you ever find yourself straggling down King Street, forget the overpriced bars and hit up Master Dumplings instead. You can bring your own wine, as well as taking advantage of their vegetarian-friendly menu.

Dumpling deal: 15 pork dumplings for $9.50


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Find Shanghai Master Dumplings at 173 King Street, CBD.

Empress of China

Another gem tucked away on Little Bourke, Empress is a quintessential Chinese restaurant packing all of the charm and none of the pretence. Authentic dumplings alongside a full menu of other noodle and sharing dishes, it’s the perfect location for catching up over a few brews and fried balls of heaven.

Dumpling deal: Eight pieces of steamed Xiao Long Bao for $8.80


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Find Empress of China at 120 Little Bourke Street, CBD. 

Dumplings Plus

The ‘plus’ in Dumplings Plus is up to you. Dumplings plus good times? Sichuan scuds? A whole bunch of sides, like honey chicken or the classic beef in black bean sauce? The choice is yours. The head chef at Dumplings Plus has moved across from mainland China to bring a wealth of experience to every dumpling crafted in house. Top-quality dumplings at an even better price.

Dumpling deal: 15 chilli pork dumplings for $9

Find Dumplings Plus at 269 Swanston Street, CBD. 

Ping’s Dumpling Kitchen

The infamous Ping’s. I once saw a good friend of mine eat two plates of these bad boys at a mind-blowing speed. They’re just that good. Either that, or he was just really hungry. A homely set up with a no-fuss atmosphere, the dumplings here are large and juicy. Liberally apply some soy sauce and enjoy.

Dumpling deal: 15 pieces of boiled Peking Pork dumplings for $8.50

Find Ping’s Dumpling Kitchen at 330 Clayton Road, Clayton. 

ShanDong MaMa

Now these are some next level dumplings. Informed by the classics just enough to break away and offer something new, ShanDong MaMa has been building a cult following for their homemade creations. Made to exacting measures, each dumpling has a different skin thickness depending on the filling. Meat dumplings pack a thick and tender outer while fish selections carry a thin, translucent skin to allow the perfect cook for each dish.

Dumpling deal: 13 pork and dill dumplings for $13.80


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Find ShanDong MaMa at Midcity Arcade, 208-210 Little Bourke Street, CBD.

David and Camy’s

Box Hill is home to a myriad of quality dumpling houses, but David and Camy’s takes the title as one of the best. Just oily enough, with a little bit of spice and some extremely friendly staff make it a winner. All of their dumplings are fresh, delicious and cheap. What more could you want?

Dumpling deal: 15 spicy prawn and pork dumplings for $10


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Find David and Camy’s at 605 Station Street, Box Hill. 

Hu Tong Dumpling Bar

A little more up-market than the others on this list, Hu Tong has cornered the niche market of ‘special occasion’ dumplings. Essentially, this is the type of place you might take your parents to fool them into thinking that you do indeed have your life together. And if you’re going to mislead your parents, it might as well be over dumplings. As well as their award-winning and hand made creations, there is a variety of silky noodles and hearty soups on offer, too.

Dumpling deal: Four peking duck dumplings for $9

Find Hu Tong Dumpling Bar at 14-16 Market Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000. 

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