We mashed together 34 bandnames with some incredibly niche results

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We mashed together 34 bandnames with some incredibly niche results


We had some spare time...

Skateboarding themed space/psych rock?

Tony Hawkwind

Game show themed Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute?

Wheel of Fortunate Son

Mushroom themed Queen tribute band?

We Are the Champignons

Fitness themed Slayer tribute?

Hella Weights

Australian TV stoner/doom metal?

Electric Vizard

Door sales themed ’60s rock?

The Doors Plus (No Fuss)

Achy breaky stoner hip hop?

Billy Ray Cypress Hill

Science museum themed rap?

A Tribe Called Questacon

Back to the Future Kyuss tribute?

Welcome to Hill Valley

Iron Maiden goes rap?

Number of the Beastie Boys

Australian comedy goes metallic hardcore?

Converge the Fruiterer

Minutemen style Pantera tribute?

Double Nickels on the Dimebag

Real time strategy themed post-hardcore?

Relationship of Command and Conquer

Hardcore on a Friday?

Rebecca Black Flag

Metalcore from the Palm Desert?

I Killed The Prom Queens of the Stone Age

Metalcore with afros?

At the Parkway Drive In

Waterworld themed Melbourne rock?

Mesa Costner

Punctuated skate punk?


Cinematic skate punk?

Millencolin Farrell

Star Wars pop punk?

Bodyjarjar Binks

A cop shootout with ’90s actors?

Shoot First, Ask Christian Slater

Bakery’s Pantera tribute?

Vulgar Display of Flour

Riot grrl thrash metal?


Gangsta rap cocktail?

Long Island Ice T

Auto-corrected Pantera tribute?

Cowboys From He’ll

Poker scum punk?

GG All In

Cartoon hardcore?

Gorillaz Biscuits

Horse racing hardcore?

Ian Mackaybe Diva

A hardcore Pixies cover band?

Where Is My Mindsnare

Disco prog rock?

The Mars Travolta

Lo-fi indie rock?

Archers of Meat Loaf

’80s shoegaze?

My Bloody Vanhalentine

Political stoner band?

Penny Bong

Folk-pop hardcore?

The Shape of Punk to Come on Eileen